We've all had bad days. This week was pretty busy. So, by bad, I mean, didn't finish the new story. I know: Lame. But, I did put up the third and fourth chapters of The Ferryman - The Royal Star. So, there you go. I didn't go all BSOD on you, but I made a poster in case you were looking for it. The days roll on. Just an FYI, this is still a one person show. I write the stories, edit, build the website, etc... So, if you guys see something that bugs you, let me know. I find broken things on here all the time, broken links, poorly executed grammar, everything. But, if I am called to attention, I will fix it. Jessica told me once that I should write down the story of my past as a teenager. I t

The Stories Are Coming!

I have spent a lot of time culling through the writings I have done. Some websites, which used to own a few of them, have closed and have returned story ownership to me. So here I am. Alone with naught but a single website and stories to tell. I would imagine if you are reading this, you're waiting for me to get to the point, so here it goes: I will continue to post new stories here on Mayachrome. My goal is to put up at least one new story per week. for the serial stories, they will be at least two per month, per story. the Talus story, or the Ferryman story, MICAH, and coming new this weekend, The Beggar's Cup, will all be in that latter category. The page of stories ready to read will get

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