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The Stories Are Coming!

Man standing in dark tunnel.

I have spent a lot of time culling through the writings I have done. Some websites, which used to own a few of them, have closed and have returned story ownership to me. So here I am. Alone with naught but a single website and stories to tell. I would imagine if you are reading this, you're waiting for me to get to the point, so here it goes:

I will continue to post new stories here on Mayachrome. My goal is to put up at least one new story per week. for the serial stories, they will be at least two per month, per story. the Talus story, or the Ferryman story, MICAH, and coming new this weekend, The Beggar's Cup, will all be in that latter category.

The page of stories ready to read will get at least one new story per week. If you comment, I will be sure to read it and respond if needed.

Also coming to the website will be the podcast format. I will be creating audio content for those of you who would rather have stories read to you, instead of reading to yourself. This is in the works and should be started by end of summer, 2017. (Crossing my fingers.) ;^D

One thing I would like to stress to my followers is that content here has been solely provided by myself thus far. However, I would love to have additional storytellers on board. New authors are welcome to submit to my by emailing me at I created this site for myself, and others who would like to tell a story. If writing is something you really love to do, then please email me and we'll do this.

Keep an eye out for Beggar's Cup, starting this weekend. It's going to be a real hoot. (ESRB Rating will be T for Teen.) See you then!

~D. Paul Fonseca

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