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We've all had bad days. This week was pretty busy. So, by bad, I mean, didn't finish the new story. I know: Lame. But, I did put up the third and fourth chapters of The Ferryman - The Royal Star. So, there you go. I didn't go all BSOD on you, but I made a poster in case you were looking for it.

The days roll on. Just an FYI, this is still a one person show. I write the stories, edit, build the website, etc... So, if you guys see something that bugs you, let me know. I find broken things on here all the time, broken links, poorly executed grammar, everything. But, if I am called to attention, I will fix it.

Jessica told me once that I should write down the story of my past as a teenager. I told her that would be ridiculous. Let me put it to you this way. the implications would just be bad. People would be well, lives could be ruined, mine included. But I keep hearing her words in my head, which sucks, and she said, "I want to read that story." Geez, of course she does.

Everyone has a past. Not all pasts are loaded with shudders and horrific imagery. But, mine's got some things which have created some uncomfortable pauses in mixed conversations. No, I wasn't a druggie, and I was never a gang member. I didn't kill anyone either, but I did hang out with the less savory folk for some time. I must admit, I'd like to just put it all down in print, but it has never seemed worth it. So, I have to make a proposition to that girl. You write down your story. I'd like to read it. Don't hold back. If you can do that, I can put mine out there. Yes, "you show me yours, and I'll show you mine."

Not that anybody is reading this, but I just wanted the world to know, I considered it. I'll mull it over.

In the meantime, I have a few things y'all should check out. Firstly, as I said, I put up a couple new chapters from "The Ferryman." It is the same story I'd created with Rod Mesa... yes, a decade ago. However, this time around, the story is completed. This story is, anyway, the one I wrote out. This is what was supposed to be the first comic book of The Ferryman, just sixteen pages-ha. I don't want to make too many excuses, or throw anyone under the bus, but Rod and I ran into a couple of the wrong people. We got, delayed. But, it's here and it's coming along. Rod has even pledged just today that he will create some sketches.

I'll come back soon and let you know when "The Beggar's Cup" stories hit this page. I can guarantee it will be soon.


D. Paul Fonseca

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