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August 3, 2017

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The Creepy tour

June 19, 2017

On Monday night this past week, my buddy, Gabe, and I went out and took the condensed Creepy San Diego tour. It is a tour I used to lead when I was a young twenty-something back in the early nineties. It was unofficial and mainly for friends visiting from out of town. But it seems to have become creepier since then.


We only hit a couple highlights, since Gabe was aware of a few of them. What he had not seen was the "guard house" at the San Diego Presidio Junipero Serra  museum. Specifically the stone and brick inlaid roof sporting a 20 foot pentacle. 


 (The Roof of the Guardhouse beneath the Father Serra Museum) 


This rooftop is on the West side of the museum, above the old guardhouse which stands at the southern end of the parking lot. Public access to it is available and encouraged. Just be sure you have some Vicks Vapor Rub to put under your nose when you get up there. The odor on the roof is shall we say, "urine-esque." 


Why is it there? That remains a mystery to me. I have yet to find a museum person who has a solid answer. I'm open to speculation, however, the odd part remains; why is it that the roof of such a building is open to the public? There isn't even a hint of "No trespassing" posted anywhere around the structure. No "employees only" or other such restriction is posted. So, it is meant to be publicly accessible. Weird, right? The obvious wax remains from candles in the past make me wonder who is using this for ceremonial reasons. I mean, personally, I'm all for this Star being open to the public. San Diego has several giant sized crosses in public spaces. Stars should have equal treatment. 


The only information I can find on the building is about the shape of it. The five sided pentagonal structure is said to have been a common Shape for guardhouses in the years around the Mexican American war. That's all I got.


Moving along now... We drove up the hill and over to the Mission Hills Park, officially known as Pioneer Park. The field of green gra