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The first offering from D. Paul Fonseca is Seedling Jack. This book has been in the works for several years and is finally coming to see the light of day. Set in San Diego County, the story brings many characters together with a single horrific act. When the book is released (To be announced later this year) , the author will be signing books by request. Check out this page for updates.

Seedling Jack 2020.jpg
Seedling Jack

A tale of two boys and the path they choose to take on one extraordinary night. When their adventure takes a turn for the worst, they make decisions which change everything. Suddenly they are on the run from their horrific acts and the police as well as running towards something they both do not see coming. The final act will leave you speechless.

D. Paul Fonseca's first novel comes from out of nowhere with gripping action and a story woven from the fabric of pain and the intimate thoughts of everyone involved in the story. If you read any books this year, this is one you absolutely have got to read.

D. Paul Fonseca Useless & Other Stories Book
USELESS & Other Stories

Sometimes our lives are formed by the actions of others. Some events stand out as formative when we recall extraordinary moments. When Jerod Ucevas is emotionally put in his place as a child, he remembers the way it made him feel. When he becomes an adult, the world spins around him in a such a way that he stuffs his emotions down, sets them aside until ultimately, he realizes that he has become something more.

Jarod finds a companion along the way, and soon after they meet, the world in which they live begins to swing to the rhythm of a new day.

D. Paul Fonseca's stories bring some of the strangest characters to life. In this anthology of short horrific stories, we gain a glimpse of what prompts the world of darkness to go "bump" in the night.

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