The No Sleep Podcast (A Review)

One of the best podcasts, that I absolutely love, is a Creepy Fiction podcast of truely scary stories, called The No Sleep Podcast. It started on Reddit, and festered like a bad case of Necrotizing Fasciitis. I think the most beautiful part of these stories, is the wonderful chills they give. The majority of the stories are narrated in first person, and while I don't personally enjoy writing in this style, these stories reach into my chest and work hard to stop my heart. Good stuff. Please, check out the No Sleep Podcast. It is wonderfully painful, and gloriously grisly.

Welcome to Mayachrome

Sometimes it takes a while to get a good thing going. I'm sure of that. I'll start by letting you all know that I intended to make this website a multi-author home. That said, it appears that it is harder to get writers involved in an interactive capacity with other authors. Sure, the meetup group for Science Fiction writers was fun for a while, but it broke up after a year, just when everything was looking up. So, here I am, flying solo, and you know what, it feels good. At least, for now it does. For me, storytelling is something inherent in my DNA. The written word feels like the closest form or telepathy. So, I'm going it alone, but you all should know, if you want to tell stories, jus

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