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July Has Evaporated

In a word, I have to say that July has "evaporated." Summer has me searching for time between seat cushions and in in my car's change cubby. The family schedule of summer is strict and seems to have nothing to spare for writing. My apologies, to you guys, but please be patient. Three thousand words of MICAH is done and I am now actively editing the file. It should post by Saturday.

The Ferryman story is moving along with another 5K words in the next chapter. It's a chapter you will want to check out at the end of the month. Du Monde has a way of giving every man what he deserves.

Also, The Beggars cup has 6K words being edited, albeit slowly due to aforementioned time constraints. There are two chapters coming together in a way which will set the stage for so much fun, I cannot wait to get it out to you.

July itself, aside from the summer camps, the social gatherings of friends and family and of course, my and my wife's fifteenth wedding anniversary, also carried the added time vortex called Comic-Con International in San Diego. I attended most days and had an amazing and unusual time there. No latex rash this year! Woo-hoo! (Ask and I'll tell you, but you may not want to know.)

I did not have a booth this year, since my book, Seedling Jack is still haunting my desk with its unfinished self. Next year will be different. There is so much work with all this and so far, it's still just me. Please, if you write science fiction, horror, or just great ghost stories, please to email me and we can see about getting you published on this site with me, with your own author's page, if you so wish.

As for the podcast, it is set in motion, but I am still searching the free talent list of voice actors to aid me in my quest to podcast the content of this website. So far, I have three solid voices ready to go; four if you count me. We will be starting with "The Silence" a story in the short story section of this website where the chilling tale of a girl and her father face their untimely … No spoilers, you'll just have to check that one out. Or wait for the episode coming out at the end of August.

Remember, this weekend, August 5, 2017, expect to see chapter three of MICAH out for your enjoyment. If you haven't read chapters one and two, you should read those first. This story is a literary experiment in human sexuality and gender acknowledgement. It gets pretty steamy, but it is not what I could call pornographic. ;^)

See you next time. Adieu,

D. Paul Fonseca

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