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Anticipating the Sounds of ...

Sometimes it doesn't pay to stay up late. All kinds of bad things can happen. The worse of which is me, turning crabby in the morning and then having spontaneous arguments break out over nothing in particular while my toast goes cold. The life of a domesticated man has way too many pitfalls, but alas, they are all of my own doing.

I came to the realization today that for my stories to proliferate, I have to bring more to the table. You get me? I know you do. My previous posts talked about some of my favorite podcasts and as you know, I am rarely seen with less than one earbud sticking out of my head. I know, I look like a doofus like that. But come on, if only you knew what I was listening to... okay, yes, my latest binge is And That's Why We Drink, with Christine Shiefer and Em Schulz. They are a scream. They each tell one story per episode, one about true crime and the other about paranormal happenings. Meanwhile they drink through the show. Team wine is Christine's and Team Milkshake is all Em. Way fun.

But what I want to tell you is that today Aaron Mahnke (Lore) slapped me across my earbuds at the end of another brilliantly told story of true crime and horror. He said, and I'm paraphrasing from memory so forgive me, "My original intent was to create a website of stories, a simple website about all kinds of lore, but it became a podcast and it quickly took off from there." You see where this is going right? Right.

I enjoy "The Lore Podcast" tremendously. I am always eagerly waiting for the other Monday to come and see it pop up on my podcast queue. Yes, it is a biweekly show. And so I know first hand the power of anticipation for the next dose, er, show.

I'm gathering my audio peeps and scouring my short list for voice actors. Mayachrome will be moving into the podcast realm by August. Cross your fingers, and if you want to play a character in the show, if you've found a connection to a character in the stories, please do contact me.

Coming up this week is a new chapter in Micah. Things are gearing up to be a little more extraordinary. Check back on Friday.

Until next week, Adieu.


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